Press Release concerning the coordinated antifascist actions & events in Greece and Europe scheduled for the weekend of November 8-9, 2014

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014, at 12 noon, at the offices of the Union of Journalists in the Athens Daily Press [in Greek ESHEA] (Akadimias 20, 3rd floor), the Antifascist Coordination for Athens-Piraeus will give a press conference to present its coordinated antifascist actions & events in Greece and Europe scheduled for the weekend of November 8-9, 2014. Our activities fall in the context of the European Antifascist Action Day, November 8, decided last April at the European Antifascist Meeting that was held at the Athens School of Fine Arts and was attended by 32 groups from 20 European countries. November 9 is the world day against fascism and antifascism on the occasion of the pogrom committed against Jewish civilians by the Nazi’s on the night of November 9th, 1938 that will be remembered as the Kristallnacht.

A European-wide Antifascist Coordination Network is the tool we absolutely need to respond to the rise of the extreme-right and fascist European parties witnessed at the past Euroelections and to smash the resilience evidenced in the electoral percentages of Golden Dawn neo-Nazis despite their persecution after Pavlos Fyssas’ assassination;  it is our shield facing the racist institutional policy of Greece and the EU that gives fertile ground to fascism and faced with fascists’ infiltration into state mechanisms, such as the army and the police that have not been touched.

In view of this European Antifascist Action Day, we will organise a big antifascist rally/concert that will feature Justin Sullivan and Dean White of the New Model Army, and the supporting groups Baildsa and One hour before the trip; the concert will take place at Sporting stadium on Saturday, November 8th. Parallel antifascist events, mobilization and actions will also be held in several districts in Athens and Piraeus, including other cities in Greece.

The following speakers will among others attend the Press Conference on Tuesday 21.10:
·         Serafeim Seferiadis, academic
·         Eleftheria Koumantou, journalist, Observatory against racism and fascism in the Media
·         Spyros Oikonomou, Cracks in the East
·         Nikos Malliaris, retired soccer player
·         Thanasis Kourkoulas, “Deport Racism” Movement
·         Nasim Lomani, Open Initiative against Detention Centres
·         Aggeliki Valsamaki, Network for the Social Support of Refugees and Immigrants
·         Giorgos Lygouriotis, AntiNazi Zone – YRE,
·         Nikos Giannopoulos, Network for Civil and Social Rights
·         Efi Garidi, Sunday School for Immigrants
·         Mania Barjefski, SYRIZA Political Secretariat
·         Representatives of Kolonos and Nicaia groups

We will also present a video message by the New Model Army that will be with us in concert on November 8, at Sporting Stadium.

ANTIFASCIST COORDINATION of committees, initiatives and groups in Athens-Piraeus
Contact: +30 6976436302 – 210 3813928 – 210 3306286


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